ruttlesEveryone loves a good laugh, and record companies have exploited that for years. Some of the very first recordings Thomas Edison made were comic monologues or recitations, some by Mark Twain. Novelty records have been a staple of the industry ever since.

motown45When buying music, most people look for a favourite song or artist, they don’t usually consider the label, that’s something collectors do. Some labels do manage to develop an audience for their own distinct “sound” but none did it as successfully as Motown Records.

zulu_78The word jazz has many different meanings. When you jazz something up, you make it more exciting or colourful. When you talk jazz, that’s nonsense.

Jazz music is just as hard to define. It can be dance and party music, smooth and soothing, or weird and dissonant. Fans say it doesn’t matter, as long as it swings.

pitney_sleeveIdols are big in the music business. We have the ever-popular Canadian & American Idol TV shows, and this week we have Bobby Vinton, billed as a teen idol, playing Casino Rama.

colour_78_1_smallAll mass manufacturers strive to find ways to make their products stand out from the ordinary, and record manufactures are no different. One of the most obvious ways was to make records of different colours to attract attention.

So why are most records black?

chess_45_wolfSpringtime brings the blues. That doesn’t sound right anywhere except Orillia as our annual Spring Bluesfest gets underway this weekend. The blues brings Orillians together as we throw off the shackles of winter to get out and enjoy some live music. 

carter_78People who collect records are usually driven by their passion for music. Country music fans are among the most passionate so country records can be very desirable collectors’ items.

bozoIf you’re looking for something to collect that is nostalgic, historically significant, visually appealing, relatively cheap and entertaining to boot, then children’s records are a good place to start.

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