christmas_frebergThis holiday season has many layers of significance. It is a time of lights and festivities to ward off the darkest days of the year, a time of religious observance, a time when we gather together and cherish our families. Christmas music reflects all this.

FiskSingersWe hear a lot about soul in music. Last month we looked at the phenomenon of Northern Soul, but sometimes it seems soul is everywhere. Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks are all well-known exponents of soul singing. Most country and pop singers use soul techniques.

Do_I_Love_You_45Music collectors can sometimes be like a cult. They have their own language, sacred rituals and idols to worship. Most outsiders can only scratch their heads and wonder what it’s all about. No group is as rabid, enthusiastic or baffling to outsiders as Northern Soul collectors.

first_rockFor years, rock ‘n’ roll record collectors have been engaged in a debate over what was the first rock ‘n’ roll record. That may seem silly to some. Shouldn’t it be obvious? And why should we care?

decade_collageEvery decade has music that is popular, and some that goes unnoticed for a while but then defines the next decade. Those records then become very collectable. But what is the big deal with with decades?

group45sDoo-wop. That strange word is classic onomatopoeia. It sounds like what it describes; a style of vocal harmony popular in the 1950s where the group would back up the lead singer with a lot of meaningless syllables.

auctionsSeems you can buy just about anything on the Internet these days. For collectors, the real fun is on-line auctions. It’s a 24 hour a day, worldwide yard sale.

boss_guitarAll collectors, especially music fans, often base their collections around a theme. It might be a style of music, a time period, a certain artist or a specific instrument. In the last case, no instrument has inspired more music collectors than the guitar.

goNowMusic commentators and journalists like to use hip jargon. You’ll often hear them use the terms “cover” or “cover version” when referring to a new recording of a song that has been recorded before by someone else. The word cover is over used and usually applied incorrectly.

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