35 girlsIn every musical era there has been one girl group that dominates or defines it. With each succeeding era there has been less emphasis on musical talent and more on showmanship.

The Boo - instrument invewnted by Harry PartchMusicians are a very colourful lot. No matter what genre of music you look at, you’ll find some weird people but there’s probably no genre as weird or colourful as avant-garde or experimental music.

Ever wonder why some artists’ records become so much more collectable than others? It isn’t popularity that makes the difference; it’s innovation that gets the attention of music collectors.

32_Love_Me_DoEvery once in a while there's a confluence of talent, timing and luck that makes a few musicians become not only stars but cultural phenomena.


Why do we couple cars and music?

Transportation has always been a central theme in the musical arts. The ability to leave someone, or the desire go home to someone, inspires a lot of songs.

Fiddlin_John_Carson2If you’re not a devotee you might wonder, just what the heck is folk music anyway? The stock answer is that this is music made by just plain folks. The songs and styles are passed on through an oral tradition, not through formal education. The ideal folk musicians are just carrying on a culture, not trying to be stars making gazoolas of money.

redSealLabelThe record business mostly involves producing mass quantities of popular music. In many ways records have defined our popular music culture but the industry got its start - and a lot of its technological innovation - from classical music.

Dumbell_sheet_musicThe Dumbells may sound like a silly name but this group of actors and musicians played a crucial role in boosting morale among Canadian soldiers in the muddy, blood-soaked trenches of World War I. They then built on that success to become international stars.

aretha_LPMusicologists have noted that pretty well everything in our current musical culture, from rock concerts to television commercials, uses rhythms and sounds from the music of black churches.

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